martes, 7 de enero de 2014


Today is the 7th of January and this week was my favourite week. The new year eve was fantastic! i was with my family, in the nigth we were dinning all the family together, we ate lamb, like allways, and at the finish we went to the front of the TV and we said the twelve chimes in TVE, like allways, we ate the twelve grapes, like allways, when that finish i went with my friends to the disco, like allways. The new year day i was in the car all the day because my mather worked the 2nd in Barbera. The 2nd of January was the birthay of my fhater, and we did a suprise party. The 4th of January my cousin had a baby, she's called Emma and it's really nice and cute. The 6th of January when i wake up i went to the Christmas tree and I saw a lot of presents. IT WAS THE KINGS! They gave us a los of presents I'm really happy!


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